Lake Oswego Chapter of  National League of  Young Men, Inc.

Board of


President - 

Sara Danzelaud

President Elect
Lisa Oliver

st VP Membership - 
Jodi Latta

nd VP Youth Coordinator - 
Laura Holmes

Coordinator Elect
Shannon Brauner

rd VP Philanthropy - 
Kari Curry

th VP Culture - 
Sharon Patricelli

th VP Protocol 
Erin Henry

Parliamentarian - 
Karie Jett

Website Administrator
Rachel Brink

Treasurer - 
Lara James

Treasurer Elect
Teresa Johnson

Recording Secretary
Elizabeth Meckert

Corresponding Secretary - 
Susan Larrance

Provisional Trainer
Heather Barnette

PR Chairman - 
Eleanor Laws

Past President - 
Lisa Abbott

About Our Chapter


In 2015, the Lake Oswego Chapter received a charter and launched with a founding membership of 138 young men and mother members. The organization is open to young men and their mothers who reside within Lake Oswego and Riverdale school district limits.

During the young men’s four years of membership, they are introduced to a comprehensive educational program with guest speakers, practical training and direct involvement in four areas.

Leadership - Our young men are encouraged to serve in at least one leadership role during their membership.  They are encouraged to explore new ideas which focus on character development, responsibility, and accountability.

Service - Our young men have the opportunity to serve non-profit organizations of their choice.  Our hope is that they embrace service and find this work rewarding and important in their daily lives.

Culture - We believe there is significant value in exposing our young men to cultural activities to encourage the growth of a well rounded gentlemen through the promotion of literature, music and art.

Protocol - Another essential component of our program is helping prepare our young men to be adept in social etiquette.  They are presented with knowledge and training to develop skills and confidence that will serve them well in the future.

Our Chapter is engaging in activities with several community service organizations, including the Autism Society, Habitat for Humanity, Lake Oswego School District, Lakewood Center of the Arts, Northwest Children’s Outreach, Oregon Food Bank, SOLVE and With Love.

Lake Oswego Chapter of National League of Young Men, Inc.
PO Box 1514  Lake Oswego, OR 97035